Glasses Can Worsen Your Eyesight

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Dr Bates claims that glasses improve the vision and relieve eye strain for some people, but only in the short term. However long term use of glasses always causes damage to the eyes.  After prolonged use of glasses, eyesight can never be completely restored to normal.

You can prove this for yourself by looking at a colored object through a strong spectacle lens. The color always appears less intense when viewed through the lens. And, because the perception of shapes depends upon the perception of color, this means that the perception of both color and shape will be made worse by using glasses.

For example, women who wear glasses, often remove them when they visit a clothing store. This is so they can see and match the true colors of items better.

If glasses are worn to correct refractive errors of vision in the eye, they do not actually improve the vision, but make it worse. For example, if you are long sighted, and wear glasses with (convex) lenses to correct your vision, the eye itself will remain long sighted. In fact over time, the eye will become even more long sighted, until even stronger lenses are required to correct your vision.

This occurs, because instead of the muscles of the eye working to correct your vision, these muscles are used less, and as a result they become weaker. This is why, after people have worn glasses for a while, they cannot read print without glasses, that they were able read before they started wearing glasses.

This also explains why, every time you visit your eye doctor, they advise you that you need stronger glasses (or contacts).

One eye doctor noticed that when his patients broke their glasses and had to go without glasses for a couple of weeks, their sight significantly improved during the time they went without glasses. This was because they had to use their eye muscles more to see properly.

Dr Bates says that eye sight always improves when glasses are discarded. However patients may not always be aware of this.

Also, when patients first start wearing glasses, they will take some time to get used to them. In some cases, spectacle wearers never completely get used to them.  For example, wearing glasses always makes the field of vision smaller, and to see clearly, the wearer must look through the center of the lenses, with the spectacle frames at right angles to the field of vision.

Many spectacle wearers have accidents, for example “missing a step” resulting in trips and falls, especially when they first start wearing them.