Errors Of Refraction

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The type of sight problems that are treated with glasses, contact lenses or laser (LASIK & LASEK) eye surgery result from so called errors of refraction. Errors of refraction occur when the image produced by the lens of the eye falls in front of the retina (short sight or myopia), or behind the retina (long sight or presbyopia). Or part of the image might be in front of the retina, and part behind the retina (astigmatism). Dr Bates says that errors of refraction can be treated through eye exercises alone, without glasses.

There are other vision problems, such as cataract (where the lens of the eye becomes opaque), damage to the retina (e.g. macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy), or damage to the optic nerve, that cannot be treated with glasses or contact lenses. If you suffer from any of these problems, then you must visit your eye doctor.

Dr Bates says that sight problems that are due to errors of refraction, are caused by the abnormal functioning of the external muscles of the eyeball. This causes strain in the muscles, and as a result the patient struggles to see properly.  When the strain in these muscles is eliminated, the sight problems that are due to errors of refraction, disappear. For every error of refraction, there is a different kind of strain. Glasses only mask these problems, they do nothing to address the cause of the muscle strain or imbalance.

For example short sightedness (myopia) is associated with strain to see objects at a distance. While long sightedness (presbyopia) is associated with strain to see nearby objects. Under certain circumstances, the effort to focus can also induce strain in the facial and scalp muscles which often present with symptoms such as chronic headache.

When the subject with short sight strains to focus on distant objects, the eyeball becomes flatter, so the distance between the front of the eye and the retina is less. While is the long sighted subject strains to focus on nearby objects, the eyeball becomes elongated, so the distance between the front of the eyeball and the retina is increased.

These conditions can be improved without glasses, but instead by eye exercises which teach the patient the correct use of the eye muscles.