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Dr Bates shows how a few simple eye exercises can significantly improve vision without glasses.

Do You Have Trouble With Close-Up Vision (i.e. long sightedness or Presbyopia)?

Do you have difficulty reading? Have you noticed, when you are reading, the letter or word you are focussing on, is blurred? However, you can see other letters and words just as clearly or even more clearly than the ones you are looking at. Do you also find, that the harder you try to focus, the worse your sight becomes?

Now, close your eyes and rest them. Try to imagine a color, for example black or white. Keeping your eyes closed, concentrate on the imagined color until your eyes feel rested. And any feeling of eye strain or tension has gone completely.

Open your eyes again for a second or so, and look at the first word or letter of a sentence, and you will notice that the area you are looking at, is in sharp focus. Also, the print in the immediate vicinity of where you are looking is also in sharp focus. This eye exercise not only improves the focus, but also increases the size of your field of vision.

After a couple of seconds, close your eyes again, and once again imagine your chosen color, until your eyes once again feel relaxed and rested.

Repeat this sequence of resting the eyes and momentarily looking at the print. After a few cycles of these eye exercises, you should observe that you can read the print clearly for longer and longer periods of time, before your vision becomes blurred again.

Better vision can be achieved without glasses, no matter whether you are long sighted or short sighted, using eye exercises instead.

If You Have Problems With Distant Vision (Short sightedness or Myopia)

Then you can use exactly the same eye exercises as described above, when viewing distant objects. For example the small branches and leaves on a distant tree.

In this instance, look at a particular part of the tree for a second or two. Then close your eyes and imagine a color, until your eyes feel rested and relaxed. Open your eyes briefly and look at the tree again, and you will notice the branch and leaves you are looking at, are in sharp focus.

Repeat the sequence of opening and resting your eyes, and you should find you are able to focus for longer and longer each time.